IT Jam 2010 Kharkov

IT-Jam 2010 will be in Kharkov.  IT Jam- the key event for progressive Ukrainian IT specialists! This event will third time in Kharkov. If you follow IT world trends, if you are interested in advanced technology, if you have something to tell and want to learn - IT Jam 2010 is exactly what you need! We are happy to invite programmers, testers, analysts, designers, architects, project and process managers to participate in pan-Ukrainian informal educational and networking meeting of IT specialists.

IT Jam 2008

On October 25th, about 200 IT Specialists of Ukraine participated in IT Jam – first big, non-commercial event hosted by Ciklum, directed to promote the information technology industry, and demonstrate the benefits of IT community.

Already with the start of its advertisement campaign, IT Jam turned out to be a great success – 460 participants applied to register. The specialized tests, taken beforehand discovered outstanding talents within IT industry and we are proud and excited to congratulate all the winners.

So, here it goes, our super mega special prize – a week-end trip to Denmark found its 1st place winners (Asp.Net – Ihor Morozov, Java – Denys Yermakov, C# - Timur Karanda and QA – Shushana Tamrazova). Asus X80LE laptops went to the 2nd place winners (Asp.Net – Mykhailo Rybnikov, Java – Vitalii Butskevych, C # - Evheniy Dumanskyi and QA – Oleksii Slobodyan). The 3rd place rewards – 160 GB Portable Hard Drive Device was presented for winning in the QA category to Anatolii, SUN Certification for the Java test to Alexey Pilipchuk, Microsoft Certification for winning in ASP.Net category to Marina Chernysheva and Anton Vidishchev. Many other prizes found their new owners as well, after a ‘strong battle' and tons of fun during Brain Ring Competition.

The Briefing, under the name "IT WORLD – THE ROADS TO TAKE" summed up a huge variety of opportunities that are available today to IT professionals. John Sotiropoulos – Chief Architect & Director of Metastorm Company (the Leading BPM enterprise software vendor, Great Britain), gave a wonderful speech on how to "Be global – be the best". Mark Johnson, Investment Director of Nordic Venture Partners from Stockholm shared his ideas on "Starting up a "Google" of tomorrow – what today's investors are looking for". Head of Recruitment in Microsoft Development Centre in Copenhagen, Scott Simons spoke on "What it takes to succeed..." and the CEO of Ciklum (leading IT Outsourcing Company), Mr. Torben Majgaard outlined the "Ciklum – as a platform for your IT career".

Live music played by the outstanding WizeGuys band, added mega spirit to the evening, as well as discovered wonderful dancing talents among IT specialists and Ciklum employees. Even though IT Jam received many compliments from its participants, we still regret that not everyone managed to attend. We hope that will be a great pretext to meet in future, sometime next year in order to once again throw all those positive emotions to amazing and so diverse world of IT.

IT-Jam 2009

On December 5th IT Jam 2009 gathered more than 700 IT specialists. Registration started early – as there were many people arriving from other cities. At 11.00 the Keynote presentation started on “Things to unlearn in software development” by Alexey Krivitsky and Natalia Trenina (Scrumguides).  The event took place in AKKO International in Pushkin Park. The main idea of IT Jam 2009 was knowledge sharing and peer-to-peer communication. Panel Discussion “Software Development Ukraine 2012” gathered a lot of participants. Roman Khmil (Globallogic), Torben Majgaard (Ciklum), Roman Yasochka (NetCracker), Andrew Uminsky (NewtonIdeas), Viktoria Kovalskaya (ArtMaster) and Dmitro Bratina (Infopulse) shared their visions on where Ukrainian IT industry is going, what are the main challenges for developers and managers are in an open dialog with the audience.

During the whole day participants were voting for the Best Speaker. Alexander Dymo, our well known Ruby-on-Rails “guru” from Nikolaev received the biggest number of votes and received HDD. The second and third places were taken by agile “gurus” Tim Yevgrashin and Nikolai Alimenkou. During the Party informal communication - accompanied by music, beer and food – continued! Fire show was a nice surprise to all participants from organizers. p.s. #itjam became the leader in Russian speaking twitter on Saturday! :)

PROGRAM and Schedule:

13.30-14.00 – Registration, Radmir ExpoHall, open space, 2nd floor

14.00-14.10 – Welcome Speech, conference hall, 2nd floor

14.15-18.15 – Guru Talks, conference hall, 2nd floor
Presentations & Discussions , open space, 3nd floor (download schedule here)

16.00-18.15 – Business Value Game, Radmir ExpoHall, restaurant Raphael

18.30-20.30 – IT Jam Music Session, Radmir ExpoHall, restaurant Raphael

There will be an opportunity to win free tickets to Agilee (
The Best Photographer will get 5 tickets to carting club “Metallist” (

Open space discussions

Have cool ideas to share? Want to discuss them and hear the feedback? Open Space is for you! We will have several spots where you can present your ideas to peers with similar interests and professional qualifications. You can register to become a speaker in our Open Space. IT Jam organizers will contact you immediately to help to prepare the Talk. All Open Space speakers:

Agile game

Business Value Game for Agile admirers or Playing to learn: How to release the right products with the right features at the right time

About Business Value game. What you will get after it.

Often we can hear that the team should deliver “Business Value” to the customer. Business Value is not a value that you can easily measure. Business Value is a model. It is a model of what you value.
We are going to learn and experiment in a safe, fun environment with methods for prioritizing to maximize value delivered by development.
Our objectives: learn how to clarify business value to projects and stories, prioritize and make plans that bring value. Learn how to teach teams and customers this approach and techniques.
Game gives you some simple business value estimation techniques that are "good enough" for everyday use. The model helps you to prioritize efficiently and consistently, by making the important value drivers explicit.

Timofey Yevgrashyn has ten years of experience in creating and managing productive teams in software development. He has been coaching and injecting Scrum approach in different teams, consulting on the Scrum methodology and Agile-development for the last four years. In addition, Timofey works with teams at different levels to identify and overcome problems in their work using long personal experience and wide knowledge obtained in leadership and motivation areas.
He conducts trainings based on his personal experience and knowledge. He has spent more than 400 hours of training and public presentations. His trainings are more a workshop with basic theoretical framework. The main directions of trainings are: optimizing development process with Agile and Scrum, optimizing team, leadership etc.


IT Jam 2010 Kharkov information. For Kharkov guests: Time to get from railway station to Radmir Expohall (25-40 min). Use underground - it is faster than taxi ;) There are some cafés and restaurants in Radmir ExpoHall and not far from it + Megastore.

Kharkov Taxi numbers: 093 397 41 41; 096 327 87 84; 066 097 22 24; 567

For more information visit - Web site It Jam

Schedule of IT jam - расписание дня IT JAM.xlsx (14.29 kb)


It is easy to find the place of our event IT Jam! Akademika Pavlova str. 271, metro station Akademika Pavlova. Great building made of blue glass not far from underground is exactly what you need. It is your change to visit really smart and cool people from Information Technologies and spent cool and cognitive time with them. Discussion's will be separated in sections .NET, Data Bases, Management, Mobile,WEB, PHP,QA and everybody can choose what is preferable for you in this Khakrov IT Jam. My report will be connected to Visual Studio 2010 updates, features and tricks.

IT JAM Kharkov

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