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A passionate engineer with 11 years of experience in designing and scaling enterprise software. Slava has two Master degrees in Technical Management from Foster School of Business - University of Washington and also computer science masters from Kharkov Aerospace University in Ukraine.

Slava specializes in Lean Software Development - it means rapid, agile prototyping with development cycles which fail fast to learn fast and to apply innovative solutions in iterations. Clients hire Slava to develop new software products for new markets quickly. They know that best products come from great customer insights, but also requires courage, hard work, and perseverance.

He loves to tackle complicated projects that utilize technical skills in team friendly environment. Slava eager to improve any process, quality and increase code test coverage. One of the favorite things for him to do is to analyze project risks and to find long-term solutions within budget constraints.

Slava focused on "the democratization" of artificial intelligence in a team called Satori. The main project is connected to machine learning on top of knowledge graph with 2.3 billion entities with 70 billion facets of attributes and relations. Primary work accomplished on data mining and extraction with natural language processing. Knowledge graph has about 10 TB of data and API's available for integration with Skype,, Bing Ads, Dynamics CRM, Windows Cortana, Microsoft Word, and Excel.


Company: Microsoft Software Development Engineer II (2011 – present)

Worked in multiple Microsoft divisions including Bing, Bing Ads, Support and Dynamics. Received 3 promotions in career ladder. Currently, I am passionate about data analytics, machine learning and natural language processing in one of the core Bing projects called Satori. This is knowledge graph with 1B entities and 10 TB of data from Wikipedia, LinkedIn, and IMDB to power Bing Search, Cortana and Microsoft Office.

  • Created scalable service for state of the art natural language processing project NEMO, improved backend for deep learning model with 15% less loading time, 5% memory usage, and 30% faster performance.
  • Conducted NLP pipeline for Wikipedia tables extraction with 23,000 relationships.
  • Mentored and led team of 4 to automatically determine a content type and generate data right attributions or encumbrances. My team developed internal admin portal and encumbrance licenses rules for graph processing on
  • Led team of thee senior engineers in California to develop Bing Ads Content API version 2. This web service increased daily revenue from $2K in November to $20K in May, and later to $12M annually. Oversaw customer’s onboarding for Nordstrom, Alibaba, com, Rakuten, and eBay. Each new customer requested few new features, we prioritized them and delivered excellent 24/7 support for them.
  • Trained Microsoft MSDN team for better API documentation, and delivered internationalization for multiple markets.
  • Built scalable request for information service to send ads emails from SMTP server with speed of 1M emails per hour.
  • Re-implemented orchestration engine to extract storage content and to upload it in Azure Table (NOSQL) storage with optimized infrastructure to support speed over 1000 rows of blob data per second.
  • Architected, designed and deployed to partner’s service for credit card payments and integrated it with Commerce Transaction Platform that was used in Bing Business Portal for Schools project.
  • Tested combined system of Bing Business Portal, MSN offers, BBP for Schools and Loyalty web service with over 64 end to end tests and found over 30 bugs.
  • Designed and created automation for CAP (Customer Assistance Portal) that was used by “on call” support in Windows, MSN, and Xbox daily.
  • Developed verification tools for production data migration from Dynamics CRM Online from old servers to Windows Azure cloud and found more than 30 customers facing bugs.
  • Found and helped to resolve 100 critical, performances and other product bugs. After final testing developed WPF UI automation framework with 70% test code coverage.

Company: Global Logic Senior .NET Software Engineer (2010 – 2011)

First day of job was business trip to Boston for training on surgical device in Medtronic laboratory. I reverse engineered source code on X-ray imaging system known as the O-arm.

  • Drove project for stability improvements and changes in O-arm devices with more reliable network framework.
  • Verified new software in laboratory on O-Arm device portable 3D X-ray imaging system.
  • Designed convenient web based tool for analyzing log files produced by the O-Arm System with MVS and IAS applications increasing support team productivity by few hours a day and reducing time for debugging problems on remote devices with easy integration to Excel.
  • Oversaw communication framework with keep-alive restore connection and internal XML system message validation.
  • Improved overall application life time and network stability for each device in the system.
  • Created hardware emulator to provide development environment that allowed offshore development teams to work independently from anywhere in the world. This project helped to reduce time for lab testing and saved money for business trips to Boston.

Company: TEAM International Senior .NET consultant (2008 – 2010)

Solicited and consulted companies around the globe to acquire new businesses with them as consultant first and as remote offshore team in Ukraine later. This involved extensive travel with new projects in publishing, recruitment, and e-commerce.

  • Assembled brand new build system and trained team to use it across all projects.
  • Consulted versatile online application to manage the recruitment lifecycle called Talents, resolved internationalization, extensibility and scalability problems, and application used in IBM, Yorkshire Water Services, and Hampton’s for recruitment agencies. This allowed to streamline their in-house recruitment processes, and customize portal for multiple departments.
  • Analyzed complex multi stage hiring process and workflows for IBM, Siemens, and
  • Developed portal to communicate with external servers via web services for features like respond to jobs, submit candidates, reporting, administration and own branding on all elements of the recruiting agency web sites.
  • Built e-publishing project for Apex CoVantage to speed up digitalization for journals with 5000 people using it in India.
  • The new application was used by specialty publishers from national libraries to regional utilities for scanning multiple books, journals, and As result, clients could search for specific type of data in PDF files or online. 

Company: Altron Senior C++ and C# .NET developer (2005 – 2008)

Led startup team of 5 to develop projects for Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Organized company recruiting process, trained and mentored employees to develop frontend and backend applications used for phone station certifications and surveillance. Implemented frameworks for data extracting from GSM and CDMA stations to present it in user-friendly format for security team personal.

  • Wrote project for first national CDMA operator in Odessa with business trips on site to create unique message protocols for Lucent/Alcatel phone station. Conducted software for Intertelecom company to increase coverage from 5 to 16 regions of Ukraine.
  • Performed certifications for 3 stations in Kiev and Vinnytsia for Utel (UMTS/WCDMA) and successfully on-boarded biggest mobile service providers in Ukraine and Russia - MTS.
  • Mentored 5 people, participated in architecture design and implementation of the core framework for international telephone exchange stations like Huawei, Ericsson and Lucent.
  • Started working full-time while studying towards bachelor’s degree. Conducted client/server program (Switch Node) to emulate TCP/IP and UDP traffic from telephone stations and to emulate SMS or voice network protocol messages. It was a multithreaded tool with internal finite state machine with command processor.


Master degree: Technology Management MBA - Foster School of Business, University of Washington.

Honors C.S. Master’s Degree from Kharkov National Airspace University - “Computer Systems and Networks”.

Attended multiple pieces of training online and in person: Quality and Business Excellence, Data Analytics, Machine Learning from Coursera, Pluralsight and Dale Carnegie Skills for Success.

Element 8 Angels (organization of private, accredited angel investors) volunteer fellow. 

Personal Interests & Community

In free time, I am working on data analytics and machine learning for battery testers: