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Exploring the Intersection of Software Development, AI Innovation, and Entrepreneurial Success | Why excellent engineering managers matter

Why excellent engineering managers matter

Successful companies are built by great teams. Vision may come from one bright individual, but the effective execution of that vision comes from excellent general management skills. Great general managers create effective teams and companies. Experienced, highly skilled managers are hard to come by. The skills and experience that make a great engineer differ from those of a great manager. Also.. not everyone wants to manage.  It is not how it leaves your mouth. It is more about how another person receives it.

Get to the point, reverse story... telling with SCQA - situation - complication - question - answer.

What could I do better, not just with my results and objectives, but for the organisation? Great products are to customers as great cultures are to employees. Mentorship with one-on-ones, networking and teaching is as essential as retrospectives. Pairing - sharing down, sharing across, sharing up (mentee). Psychological safety: autonomous, shared accountability cultivates learning.

SCQA - situation - complication - question - answer

How better to align with measurement?

  1. The company, team, individual
  2. Think significant and big - if done only with 70% is well enough.
  3. Not too many
  4. Every three months or less
  5. Never tie to bonus or compensation