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Exploring the Intersection of Software Development, AI Innovation, and Entrepreneurial Success | Next stop: MBA? Foster TMMBA strong!

Next stop: MBA? Foster TMMBA strong!

UW Go HuskiesWant to change the world? For as long as I can remember, technology has been a vital part of my life. My parents bought me a ZX Spectrum computer when I was 5 years old, and my mother went out of her way to make me feel like computer programmers are “cool” and that software programming would soon define the future of our world. So, I made it my priority to study English and computer languages in hopes that one day I would be able to become a programmer myself. Today, I am proud to say that I have achieved that goal by graduating with a master’s degree in computer science from the Kharkov Aerospace University and by developed it further with 10 years in professional software development. With that success under my belt, I feel that I am ready to advance beyond my childhood aspirations of being a computer engineer.

Seattle University of Washington
 In my 10 years of professional experience, I have always strived to take on additional responsibilities in order to better myself. I came to the USA 4.5 years ago specifically to work for Microsoft and started as a Software Developer Engineer in Test (SDET) contractor. In just 10 months, I switched to an SDE role, and after only 3 more months I was promoted to a full-time position. I will received yet another promotion in September 2015 and I do not plan on stopping there. Throughout my career, I have been a part of over a dozen international trips where only the best representatives from our company were chosen. 
I have played a senior role on a variety of projects spanning telecommunication, recruiting, e-commerce, medicine, search advertising, and publishing. This has given me a well-diversified experience that is required for our ever changing business world, and I already made an impact in a large variety of global cities all across the world, including: Vinnytsia, Kiev, Odessa (Ukraine), Worthing (England), San Francisco, Washington DC, and Boston (United States). Furthermore, I continue working on international projects in Microsoft, since Bing Satori has offices in China, India, and Egypt, and we collaborate with them on daily basis.
Foster School of Business
It is my dream to start my own company, and I believe that the unique accelerated Technology Management MBA program is an ideal program to help me achieve this goal. Your program is my top choice considering your world class faculty members, convenient location, technology focus, accommodating schedule, top Northwest ratings, unique teaching methods, and vast alumni network of over 45,000 high caliber graduates living across the globe. Most of all, I look forward to is the collaborative atmosphere and getting real life practice in the international study tour. 
TMMBA Curriculum
Within the nearest future, I aim to progress my career from a software developer to a more business-focused “program manager” position, but still I wish to someday start a business of my own and take it public. Both goals require not just an extensive knowledge of fundraising, finance, and business development, but also great interpersonal and leadership abilities.
Why hire Foster MBA?
Fundamentally, when I think about entrepreneurship, I always remember one of the most passionate start-up projects that I worked on. I was in Boston, and we were building a multi-dimensional surgical imaging platform (O-ARM) optimized for use in spine, orthopedic surgeries. I enjoyed working on this project because I was able to use my technology skills to help surgeons and patients with complex surgical procedures. Our team improved network communication between components in 2 ton device with a self-healing connection and built-in validation mechanisms. The project succeeded, and overall application life time drastically increased. The results inspired me to one day start my own company so that I can apply my technological expertise and lead projects that help even more people in even more industries. Last, but not least, I am convinced that I would be an excellent addition to TMMBA program due to my extensive knowledge of the tech industry and I will be able to create dream business and to help other people.
In March, a group of 22 students, alumni, staff, and faculty landed in Dubai for the beginning of the TMMBA International Study Tour. 
Accelerated 18-month work-compatible Foster MBA Program is designed for professionals who are passionate about technology and have an entrepreneurial-spirit. And let me end with my personal top reason an MBA can be the right choice, because it is designed for working professionals, all course materials provided, meals on class days. This program has strong professional alumni network with focus on technology, entrepreneurship and innovation.

TMMBA Program Overview from TMMBA Program Go Huskies!

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