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Challenge Bing vs Google

First of all, as you probably already know I was working in Bing Ads and I am going to move to the Bing Search next week (Satori is my new team) and I will be working in the city center plaza in Bellevue (headquarters of Bing). Second, I see that a lot of people think that Google is only one good search engine that can find stuff on the web and people usually don't trust new search engines like Bing. So, people in Microsoft created a web site where you can challenge Bing versus Google to change this or at least try. Microsoft and the Bing team set up a little website that lets you blindly compare search engines with 5 searches side to side. You can’t see which is which as the results populate and you choose which is better the one on the left or the right. 

Challenge Bing vs Google

Bing is basically a web search engine or software system that is designed to search for information on the World Wide Web. Bing was unveiled by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on May 28, 2009, at the All Things Digital conference in San Diego, California, for release on June 1, 2009. 

As a marketing strategy, the Pepsi Challenge proved extremely successful for PepsiCo (NYSE: PEP). First launched in 1975, the campaign helped the soft drink earn recognition points over its larger rival, Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO). The campaign was so effective that Coca-Cola launched a counter campaign as damage control, running commercials that showed consumers picking Coke over Pepsi in the challenge. You’re prompted to perform five searches.  Results are presented side-by-side with ads stripped and the pages looked remarkably similar.



The experiment we did first was fairly simple: participants entered a query of their choosing, got side-by-side results from both Bing and Google but with all branding removed, and picked which one was better for them (or declared it a tie). Each person repeated it ten times and their votes were totaled to determine an overall preference. When you take look at the official blog from Bing you can find the following information: 
"In a blind test, people preferred Bing to Google for the web’s top searches. And that is just based on pure web results, so no ads, no Bing Snapshot and Social Search, no Google Knowledge Graph. Even taking away some of our most innovative features and with the handicap of using Google’s top search queries, Bing still comes out on top, with 52% of people preferring Bing’s results over Google’s, 36% preferring Google’s, and 12% choosing Bing and Google equally (for those that favor discarding ties, that’s 60% Bing, 40% Google when people had a clear preference). For the especially geeky, all those numbers are +/- 3% at a 95% confidence level." 
In my own view it is a so easy to see all this numbers and don't trust them, so I decided to check and experiment myself. Furthermore, I tried to jump on it and execute my own experiment and I submitted 100 queries on the BingItOn web site. Bing won 56 rounds with 2 draws. See my challenge results below:  
BING Google
AC Milan  BING fiddler GOOGLE
Shachtar  BING putin huylo GOOGLE
Pro club  BING ukraine war GOOGLE
Windows Phone gadget  BING donbass GOOGLE
reorg BING ayinger beer GOOGLE
sobchar shluha BING authentic bavarian dark GOOGLE
altbairish dunkel BING audacity GOOGLE
administrator command prompt BING smart search GOOGLE
bingiton BING nokia phone GOOGLE
chip food BING best twetter GOOGLE
authentification BING mountaneering GOOGLE
how to catch wave BING Everest GOOGLE
facebook friends BING honolulu GOOGLE
hawaii vacation BING hryvna GOOGLE
surfing BING iphone accesories GOOGLE
MBA program BING how far is mars GOOGLE
print screen BING numlock GOOGLE
thinkpad BING tesla GOOGLE
why people like iphone BING big data GOOGLE
you can do it BING Steve Ballmer GOOGLE
best surfer women BING Tim Cook GOOGLE
euro currency BING Satya Nadella GOOGLE
sleep well BING Maidan good or bad? GOOGLE
exchange currency BING euro 2016 GOOGLE
electric car BING skype ads GOOGLE
arnold shwarcneger BING need for speed GOOGLE
california weather BING Agafonov Slava GOOGLE
why people like facebook BING poker strategy GOOGLE
who is the best programmer BING best book about software GOOGLE
.NET library BING USA debt GOOGLE
Satori BING 3 world war GOOGLE
why microsoft is better than apple BING gas and oil price GOOGLE
how to patch linux on frebsd BING green card USA GOOGLE
Ukraine national soccer team BING buy flowers GOOGLE
Where is Yanukovich BING what is on dinner GOOGLE
Elon Mask BING cool stuff GOOGLE
round trip to moon BING amazon CEO GOOGLE
how to get into space BING beddinge resmo GOOGLE
Valentin Kuznetcov BING apple and cancer GOOGLE
Timur Sadykov BING climbing gear GOOGLE
who killed Kenedy BING New York prices GOOGLE
why windows is bad BING Washington GOOGLE
Nuclear war BING  
Buk missle BING  
china economy BING  
qfc or safeway BING Alex Tokarev DRAW
best house in Kirkland BING Alex Blyznichenko DRAW
buy ak47 BING  
charcoal BING  
black table BING  
seattle real estate BING  
buy apartment bellevue BING  
Paris or Rome BING  
Travel to Germany BING  
soccer in Italy or Germandy BING  
estate market graph BING  



Bing is a search engine that brings together the best of search and people in your social networks to help you spend less time searching and more time doing. Bing is only 5 years old and it has 20% of the search market already. We are growing fast and if you still don't think so you can try to challenge Bing yourself. 
My only advice is to use more than 5 searches, at least 20 or 100 and see results as I did. You also can earn credits just for searching the web with Bing and you can redeem for rewards like gift cards, Hulu Plus subscriptions, movie rentals and much more. I personally, enjoy using Skype credits for calls to my family in Ukraine and Russia. Signing up is free and every day brings new chances to earn. You’re searching already, so why not get rewarded for it? Find out the REAL Winner!
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