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Exploring the Intersection of Software Development, AI Innovation, and Entrepreneurial Success | The best IT companies in Ukraine statistics

The best IT companies in Ukraine statistics

The main idea of this article is presentation methodology, contestants, results and statistics in Ukraine companies. All questions and interview for all Ukrainian employers was done by Vedjo studio design & development - and most popular developers site in Ukraine - The rating tries to compare and rank Ukrainian companies that provide software development and outsourcing services. The purpose of the rating is two-fold. Firstly, it provides employers with valuable data as for how their employees view them, compared to other companies. Such benchmarking is very important for companies to stay competitive and move forward. Secondly, it gives insights about the market in general which is badly needed by companies as well as their business partners, clients and media. The rating was held in September–October 2010 by 20 companies, 25 offices from 9 Ukrainian cities took part in the rating. 2649 surveys have been processed by 10 criteria.

The official company rating has three nominations: less than 50 engineers, 50 ... 200 engineers, more than 200 engineers. For companies that have offices in several location total score was averaged between offices. In addition to these official nominations we have determined the best companies by cities and by specific survey questions: salaries, career opportunities, perks and benefits, team and colleagues. More than 200 engineers: Ciklum, ELEKS Software, GlobalLogic Ukraine, Infopulse, Luxoft Ukraine, Materialise. 50... 200: Archer Software, Cogniance, DataArt, Intellias, Intetics, Magento, Serena Software, Sitecore Ukraine. Less than 50: Binary Studio, Grid Dynamics, Initto, Kuadriga, Railsware LLC, SDL Tridion Development Lab Ukraine.

Salaries: Cogniance (Kyiv), Magento (Dnipropetrovsk), Initto (Kyiv), Sitecore Ukraine (Dnipropetrovsk), Binary Studio (Donetsk). Perks and benefits: Initto (Kyiv), DataArt (Kharkiv), Magento (Dnipropetrovsk), Sitecore Ukraine (Dnipropetrovsk), Serena Software (Kyiv). Team & colleagues: Kuadriga (Kyiv), Initto (Kyiv), Cogniance (Kyiv), Archer Software (Dnipropetrovsk), Serena Software (Kyiv). Carreer opportunities: Archer Software (Dnipropetrovsk), Cogniance (Kyiv), DataArt (Kharkiv), GridDynamics (Kharkiv), Railsware LLC (Kyiv).

What attributes are valued most by the employees? What is more important for you and for other developer after salary opportunities? What exactly you mean by career opportunities and self-realization? This is main attributes for all Ukrainian developers and this can be analyzed deeper in more detailed way by our companies and customers in future. Such statistics can be easily transformed to "companies of dream" for best programmers and engineers all over Ukraine.


rating_2010_results_en.pdf (4.38 mb)


Salary and career opportunities are most important to the employees. This is probably a reflection of hot job market which forces companies to compete mostly on salaries. There is not a single questions with got glaringly low score. Employees like their work, on average. The difference in scores between first and last is about 25% which is rather small. The highest score is 18.23, an average one is 16, out of 22 possible. Tell your colleagues about the rating results. Analyze a personal report and compare our analysis of company`s strengths and weaknesses with the inner estimates. If you are the winner of a nomination, celebrate it! Tell your friends and partners, publish a press-release, add a link with the badge “contestant” to your site. If you have ideas or suggestions how to improve the rating, to make it more effective and objective, contact us. The rating 2011 will be held in March–April 2011 registration starts in February 2011. More information about the project available online at

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