2010 year review and consideration

Bye-bye 2010, welcome 2011! Wish you all the best in your career, personal life and good health! 2010 has been a busy blogging year. This year, I published 54 posts. Those posts had an astonishing number of readers: 28,210 unique visitors stopped by this year, it only in 5 month time.  People comes to the blog from all around the world; the top countries sending visitors in 2010 were the U.S., U.K., Canada, India and Germany, China, Russia and Ukraine but readers came from dozens of other places as well.

Planning for next 2011 year

Want to start from plans before everything connected to reviews, analyze of 2010 year. Current blog readers value is about 50-60 readers, I want to increase this value to 500-600 next year. This value can be achieved with more articles, more tips and tricks in development issues, my comments on new soft and frameworks. I want to participate in couple of big events in Ukraine, for example SWIT, IT Jam, and maybe in other countries. Also I'm going to traveling around the world, want to finish all current books, projects that are still not. I'm going to increase English level with a lot of practice.

2010 in review and consideration

I have started a blog as repository of my technical things and  but after some posts I realize that there are lots of people are using it and It’s a great way to express your feelings about Technical things. This year was really big one. A lot of new relations, bridging and new people. Also I started to write my very first blog. I participated like a speaker and listener in a lot of IT talks, niche expert speeches, software conferences, technical interviews, development podcasts.

Traveling in 2010

A lot of traveling in 2010. I was in business trips and vacations 2 times. First trip was in January after I changed company that I used to work. Currently, I'm senior software engineer in Global Logic, Kharkov.

Sea with Dominican Republic and Cuba at Jun-July:

2010 year review and consideration

This is best resorts in the world. But I like Cuba more than Dominican Republic, because unique originality and identity. Rome and cigars were originally from Cuba, a lot of Latin dances and culture specific things was born on Cuba.

2010 year review and consideration

Trip to Europe in October-November (our journey has something between 5000-6000 Km):

2010 year review and consideration

Italy, Austria, Poland and Chezh Republic, it was amazing:

2010 year review and consideration

This photo in Rome, it was a very nice day, because I fill like gladiator near this place. We saw imperators city - capital of Italy, Vatican city and Pope Benedict XVI.

2010 year review and consideration

This is me and my wife Anastacia we are couple about 3,5 years, Krumlov - Chezh Republic.

Thanks all the readers and community! Why I write this blog?

  • Blogging is a great way to express your feeling about anything that you blog. Whether It’s a technical blog or whatever you are blogging about. Technical staff, frameworks, personal things are always open to other people and they can help you to understand what is right and what is not for you.

  • Through your blog you can show your technical expertise to real world and you can market your self. Who knows some employer are watching your blog and will offer you a job based on your technical things you are blogging.

  • Teaching new things to other people is best way to learn. If you teach people they will have some question and you will become mature in that technology.

  • There are some prestigious award Like Microsoft MVP which you can only get if you are doing community work or blogging. One tricky thing here is blogging in your niche and concentrate to one or two topics.

  • You can create a repository of your technical things and later on you can retrieve that from your blog whenever you need them. I like this type of repository, it is always full with video, documentation, images, because I can find everything in format that is comfortable for me, my format.

  • It will also increase your writing capabilities which will help you to manage document, write document and other things at your professional front.

  • Through blog you are communicating with real world and it will enhance your communication skills. My English is not so good that is why I need a lot of practice.


The “Best of 2010”  links to my Posts
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Professional experience and career

My current project is Medtronic Navigation with device name O-Arm.  The O-arm® System is a multi-dimensional surgical imaging platform optimized for use in spine, orthopedic and trauma-related surgeries. It brings intra-operative imaging to a new level with superior image quality and field-of-view in 2 and 3 dimensions, allowing the surgeon to confirm precision of advanced surgical procedures.


2010 year review and consideration

This device help to make operations. By integrating O-arm surgical imaging technology with Medtronic's StealthStation® surgical navigation systems, surgeons are able to perform less invasive procedures and confirm the precision of advanced surgical procedures.

The O-arm Surgical Imaging System: 3D Imaging

O-arm Surgical Imaging System – Animation Video

2010 year review and consideration

Now I'm working on emulator for this device, it will be helpfull for developers and tester to run such application without very expensive hardware.


This article describe 2010 in reviews and considerations on my traveling, blog readers, professional growing and plan on next year. Well if you’ve read this far, wow! you must really be bored on your holiday break. But seriously, if you’re a regular reader of my blog, thanks for sticking around and happy to be interesting for you! I think 2011 is going to be a cool year as well and I’m looking forward to it. Let me know if you have advices or suggestions on how I can make my blog better. I Hope this New Year fills your life with happiness and perfect health always, much more success and happiness.

Here is greeting from my cat, he likes to sleep with hare near Christmas tree. Happy New 2011 Year!!!
2010 year review and consideration

2010 year review and consideration

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  • You made 54 posts this year but the quality of these post is awesome. Hope your blog gets more readers this year.
  • Thanks Ashfaq, it is nice to have such feedback.
  • Great to hear about your achievement in 2010. May you have double success this year. One more thing your wife is very cute.
  • Thank you all about comments gentleman's. I have update about Absolute Unique Visitors it is equal to 50,094 now and growing. Avarage time on site is about 1 minute and in popular pages it more than 5 minutes.
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