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vNext - Microsoft Visual Studio 2011 IDE features

VS 2011vNext – is new version of Visual Studio 2011. First article about features was created by Weston Hutchins - Program Manager, Visual Studio IDE Platform Microsoft Corporation 19 May 2011. I am going to discuss new features presented by VS2011 IDE  vNext presentation in this article. What is cool about brand new 2011 Visual Studio? It is more organized, clean, nice look and feel. If you with VS 2011 it can save a lot of time, it is busy a lot of toolbars and buttons, especially in debugging. You can do each thing in different ways. For example search and replace changed from Find and Replace -> Find symbols -> Navigate to, few examples how to do same thing in new VS 2011 in demo from channel 9 below. Challenge for vNext release is simpler (reducing amount of buttons, setting UI to concentrate on your code) + faster (overall responsiveness, long running operations, memory utilization and better feedback / telemetry) = more productive. Project is fully supported between 2011 and 2010 solution projects.

Simpler + Faster = More Productive More...

What is Build Verification Testing (BVT) ?

BVT Build Verification Test is a set of tests run on every new build to verify that build is testable before it is  released to test team for further testing. These test cases are core functionality test cases that ensure application is stable and can be tested thoroughly. Typically BVT process is automated. If BVT fails that build is again get assigned to developer for fix. In software testing, a Build Verification Test (BVT), also known as

 Build Acceptance Test, is a set of tests run on each new build of a product to verify that the build is testable before the build is released into the hands of the test team. The build acceptance test is generally a short set of tests, which exercises the mainstream functionality of the application software. Any build that fails the build verification test is rejected, and testing continues on the previous build (provided there has been at least one build that has passed the acceptance test). More...

Skype and Microsoft together

Skype and Microsoft togetherSkype - is my favourite program in a last few years and now it is a new product and new business division of Microsoft.  I like Skype and I use Skype that is why it is really nice purchase.
With 170 million connected users and over 207 billion minutes of voice and video conversations in 2010, Skype has been a pioneer in creating rich, meaningful connections among friends, families and business colleagues globally. Microsoft has a long-standing focus and investment in real-time communications across its various platforms, including Lync (which saw 30 percent revenue growth in Q3), Outlook, Messenger, Hotmail and Xbox LIVE. More...

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