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The best IT companies in Ukraine statistics

The main idea of this article is presentation methodology, contestants, results and statistics in Ukraine companies. All questions and interview for all Ukrainian employers was done by Vedjo studio design & development - and most popular developers site in Ukraine - The rating tries to compare and rank Ukrainian companies that provide software development and outsourcing services. The purpose of the rating is two-fold. Firstly, it provides employers with valuable data as for how their employees view them, compared to other companies. Such benchmarking is very important for companies to stay competitive and move forward. Secondly, it gives insights about the market in general which is badly needed by companies as well as their business partners, clients and media. The rating was held in September–October 2010 by 20 companies, 25 offices from 9 Ukrainian cities took part in the rating. 2649 surveys have been processed by 10 criteria. More...

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