Battery Analytics Software from Energsoft

The routine battery analysis from charge/discharge testing is automated down to seconds, while more interesting analyses such as differential capacity and differential voltage analysis are easily tweaked and applied in minutes rather than hours. People don't need to run through multiple charts in Excel, it is all done in real time from the hardware. All incidents are caught and analyzed before the energy source is failing in production.

Energsoft, Inc. is a startup with the flagman  product which provides desktop and web versions of software as a service. A web version of the software is being developed in the secured Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud and can be accessed over the internet on your phone or MacBook anywhere. The desktop version works only in the Windows environment and integrates with hardware in real-time. For instance device, hardware like Maccor or Arbin can be connected with the tool running and the user can see the data in milliseconds. It can be any battery you like: phone, bus, car, etc. The software is handy because researchers and battery testers can filter the data, apply custom formulas to plot it and extract insights in milliseconds to save the battery in case anomalies. Battery cycler data is accessible to plot, compare, and analyze interactively with filters.

Battery Analytics Software

We provide an analytics software platform for battery data independent of the source of the data, for instance, testers Landt, Arbin, Neware, Basytec, Novonix, Gamry, BioLogic Maccor, and others. The comprehensive and common platform enables access, analytics from data, speeding development decisions. DqDv helps you ensure the quality and reliability of your batteries into a competitive advantage. Here is application plot that is showing a Voltage Profile for the Battery tested on the Arbin Hardware.

Battery Analytics Software from Energsoft

Ugly things in Excel that you cannot filter, search, update like this can convert to the nice plots that you can change, edit, filter below.

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Scientists can come up with new materials for batteries and they can compare the performance of each of the same plots. Here is an example of differential capacity analysis plot. Differential capacity analysis can also be used to track how a battery is changing over time. As a battery age, features in the corresponding differential capacity curves change in position, height, and shape. These changes correspond directly to physical and chemical changes taking place inside the battery. />

Battery Analytics Software from Energsoft

You may think, can I use this for my Nissan Leaf, Tesla or some other electric vehicle, and the answer is YES. It should be a special device that you will have to connect, but other than this software is flexible to understand multiple formats for the data. This trend suggests that differential capacity can be studied to provide an in-depth model of how a battery ages over time, and can be used to better predict battery failure. Or something like this in our web version of the software