Visual Studio 2010

What's New in Visual Studio 2010?

  1. Enhanced Docking Behavior
  2. Zoom
  3. Box Selection
  4. Call Hierarchy
  5. Navigate To
  6. Highlighting References
  7. Generate From Usage
  8. IntelliSense Suggestion Mode
  • Generate from usage - The Generate from usage feature lets you use classes and members before you define them. You can generate a stub for any undefined class, constructor, method, property, field, or enum that you want to use but have not yet defined. You can generate new types and members without leaving your current location in code; This minimizes interruption to your workflow.
  • IntelliSense Suggestion Mode - IntelliSense now provides two alternatives for IntelliSense statement completion, completion mode and suggestion mode. Use hint mode for situations where classes and members are used before they are defined. In tip mode, when you type in the editor and then commit the entry, the text you typed is inserted into the code. When you commit an entry in completion mode, the editor shows the entry that is highlighted on the member's list. When an IntelliSense window is open, you can press CTRL+ALT+SPACEBAR to toggle between completion mode and suggestion mode.
  • Application Lifecycle Management – A client request for management of application lifecycle like version control, work item tracking, build automation, team portal, etc. is available for free (this is not available for express edition.).
  • Start Page – The start page has been redesigned with WPF for new functionality and look. Tabbed areas are provided for content from different source including MSDN. Once you open some project, the start page closes automatically. The list of the recent project also lets you remove the project from the list. And above all the start page is customizable enough to be changed as per individual requirement.
  • Extension Manager – Visual Studio 2010 has provided good ways to be extended. We can also use MEF to extend most of the features of Visual Studio. The new extension manager now can go the visual studio gallery and install the extension without even opening any explorer.
  • Code snippets – Visual Studio 2010 for HTML, JScript, and also.
  • Improved Intelligence for JavaScript has been improved vastly (around 2-5 times). Intelligence now also shows the XML documentation comment on the go.
  • Web Deployment – Web Deployment has been vastly improved. We can package and publish the web application in one click. Three major supported deployment scenarios are Web packages, one-click deployment, and Web configuration Transformation.
  • SharePoint - Visual Studio 2010 also brings vastly improved development experience for SharePoint. We can create, edit, debug, package, deploy and activate SharePoint project from within Visual Studio. Deployment of Site is as easy as hitting F5.
  • Azure – Visual Studio 2010 also comes with handy improvement for developing on Windows Azure environment.


Visual Studio 2010 trial version:

Training Kit for beginners: Visual Studio 2010 and.NET Framework 4 Training Kit

Visual Studio 2010 key bindings: VS Key bindings.pdf (2.53 MB)

C# 4.0 specification : CSharp Language Specification.doc (2.39 MB)

.NET framework new extensions poster: Framework extensions poster.pdf (7.58 MB)

Hot to posters about moving to Visual Studio 2010 from Visual Studio 2005: Moving to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (VS2005).Pdf (11.44 MB)

Additional hot posters about the movement from Visual Studio 2008 to Visual Studio 2010: Moving to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (VS2008).Pdf (8.00 MB)

New Visual Studio Theme Editor: Visual Studio Theme EditorDownload Visual Studio Color Theme Editor

Moving to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (VS2005).Pdf (11.44 MB)

Moving to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (VS2008).Pdf (8.00 MB)

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Visual Studio 2010 Tips and Tricks

Visual Studio 2010 code snippets

Debugging with IntelliTrace in Visual Studio 2010

Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Setup Installation and features analyze


  1. Multiple Monitor Support
  2. Incremental Search, CTRL+i
  3. Box Select, Multi Line Select, ALT+MouseSelect
  4. Smart Tag from Keyboard, CTRL+.
  5. New VS2010 Navigation, CTRL+,
  6. Reference Highlights (Visual only)
  7. Temporary Projects (Tools|Options|Projects|Save New)
  8. Parallel Coding (Examples for .For and .ForEach)
  9. Debugging (Conditional, Trace Points)
  10. Intellitrace (Go back in time with the debugger)
  11. Generate Usage (Class, Methods, Props, Fields, Types)
  12. Find Usages, References, (F8)
  13. Call Hierarchy
  14. Sequence Diagrams
  15. Assembly Dependency Diagram
  16. Layer validation Diagram (Compiler v. Business Layers)
  17. Custom Search Results (Registry Hack, HKCU/Soft/MS/VS/10/Find )
  18. Find Sibling Bracket/Parenthesis, CTRL+}
  19. Navigation Forward and backward, CTRL+-
  20. Clipboard Ring, CTRL+SHIFT+V
  21. Find Box in Command Mode
  22. Right Click or Context Menu Changes
  23. Zoom The Editor from the CTRL+SHIFT+< and CTRL+SHIFT+>
  24. Edit SLN and PROJ files inside Studio

Now you know how to use visual studio. What do you think about Visual Studio 2010 new features?

VS 2010

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