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The future is in the hands of data scientists

Ultimately, data science matters because it enables companies to operate and strategize more intelligently. It is all about adding substantial enterprise value by learning from data. "Data Scientist" has become a popular occupation with Harvard Business Review dubbing it "The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century" and McKinsey & Company projecting a global excess demand of 1.5 million new data scientists. Đ•very organization has to decide its own trade-offs about data scientists department/team. For some, the benefits of an autonomous stand-alone team outweigh the risk of that team being marginalized. The term "data science" (originally used interchangeably with "datalogy") has existed for over thirty years and was used initially as a substitute for computer science by Peter Naur in 1960. For others, the organizational alignment of an integrated team doesn’t justify the challenges that model creates around hiring and culture. It’s up to you to pick the model that works best for your company. More...

How to check seniority of programmer?

How to check seniority of programmer? I find this "Junior/Senior Developer" title wrong and misleading because there's no real measurement unit for this. We are all Software Developers with less or more hands-on experience. We should not try to create a hierarchy for Software Developers, there's no point and it can harm the main focus point: a great-software development team.

However, in our world there are differentiating factors between a.k.a "a senior programmer" and other programmers varies from company to company but the general rules can be broken down into a few categories: broad work experience, job quality level, and salary. Senior programmers solve problems. In general, they spend much more time on defining the problem and building cognitive models before jumping into coding. They understand programming is one of the means to solve a problem, and it's not the only one, in fact, in most of times, other methods are much more efficient. The junior developer may say "I have no idea why it crashes, I am stuck." A senior cannot have that luxury. More...

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