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When you want to reach right audience, for example software developers you need to know what company to use. In my personal opinion the best option is Developer Media. If you think that developer marketing need to be done right you can ask for help from tech marketing experts - the world's leading developer marketing group. Or if you want to monetize your own blog and you want to get software ads instead of spam. Developer Media company focusing only on app/software developers with very specific auditory. This is really cool option for you when you got a new software product launch and want advertise on 400 influential, high-quality online communities, blogs, publishers, and websites for developers and IT professionals that connect technology influencers and innovators. The company’s sites include CodeProject (, CodePlex (, AspAlliance (, CodeCall (, Scott Hanselman's Computer Zen ( and others. More...

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10 reasons to love Visual Studio 2013

10 reasons to love Visual Studio 2013 I have been using Microsoft developers software as long as I can remember, and I am really impressed at how Microsoft manages to create a  products like .NET Framework, Visual Studio, Windows that are  universally excellent. For example, I have been using Visual Studio to learn  programming, and  it’s continuously improving and solving software industry problems even better with each new version. Visual studio 2013  innovative features for  greater developer productivity, support for Windows 8.1 app development, web development advances, debugging and  optimization improvements for native and managed code, and expanded ALM capabilities.  It enable Edit and Continue for 64-bit, support for  asynchronous debugging (when using VS 2013 on Windows 8.1, not older Windows releases) for C#, VB, JavaScript and C++ developers. .Net 4.5.1 also adds performance improvements for apps running on multi-core machines, C++11 standards support, including features like delegating constructors, raw string literals, explicit conversion operators and variadic templates, also new support for Git built is added to Visual Studio and TFS. Visual Studio 2013 has Git built in and ready for you to work with new or existing Git projects, no matter where you want to work: locally, on TFS (service or on-premises ), or with another service such as CodePlex or GitHub. This article is just about preview version of VS2013 and I don't know visual studio 2013 release date. More...

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